About Erica Carroll

Yes, this image is AI-generated and a surprisingly accurate depiction of me. Now that we've addressed that - I'm Erica. Like many of us in AV, I stumbled into it.

I've held technical, training, and marketing roles in areas ranging from projection to signal distribution, to wireless collaboration, and I adore it all. I love the technology, the industry, and telling kids  about it.

Through CharBett, I aim to share everything I've learned and continue to discover in AV and audience engagement. I'm also committed to pushing the limits of what's possible in AV marketing and creating solutions that are not only innovative but also intuitive and accessible to everyone.

What's in a name: CharBett

In the late 60s, my grandparents packed up their lives into a single suitcase and left Cuba with their two daughters, dreaming of a fresh start in America. Despite the language barriers and cultural differences, they were so ambitious and set up several businesses throughout their life here.

When I was just a kid, they embarked on their last business adventure - the Char-Bett Motel, located just across the street from the iconic sugary white sand in Panama City Beach in Florida.

I've chosen to carry on that name as a tribute to my roots and to honor the people who inspire me most - my grandparents.


To strategically and deliberately showcase the AV industry to the greater world stage as an exciting trade and viable career path.


To amplify the AV industry through strategic marketing leadership and resources to drive business growth and operational success. 

"The AVGives campaign is Erica's brainchild, and its success is a testament to her visionary leadership, creativity, and unwavering dedication. Erica not only conceptualized the campaign but also meticulously executed every aspect of it, from developing the campaign name to forging strategic partnerships."

Executive Director
Rosie Riveters


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